Friday, February 2, 2018

Going to go Dancing with An Ostomy

One thing I really like is to be social and move my feet. I do really like to be active and weddings are part of my favorite day. If you are in my condition you may think I am a bit crazy.  I think people with an ostomy really need to be free and enjoy themselves just like they did before the ostomy or even more!   I think if you are a part of this pandemic that you need to do as much as you can to stay as active as you can. It's important for your mind and body.


Now for me and my life, I find that dancing is part of my


When I went to high school I was talked into swing dancing one day and because it was so organized and simple I picked it up fast.

Monday, July 3, 2017

Peristomal Skin Complications - Skin Anatomy and Physiology

Skin is one of the most amazing and protective organs of the human body. In our daily life, we do care the for hands’, and face’ skin. Just like that, for the ostomates, it is necessary to look after the peristomal. It is the skin around the stoma opening. Healthy peristomal skin is essential for

To understand the im


Skin is the sizeable organ of a human body. It covers all the parts and the entire body of a human being and animals. Moreover, it renews itself every twenty-six to forty-two days. Therefore, you should not ignore the health and well-being of the skin. You should realize that it plays a vital role in human anatomy. Such as:

  • Skin works as a protective barrier. It saves you from all the outer bacteria and other pathogens.
  •  The skin helps in regulating the flow of blood.
  •  The skin controls and manages body temperature.
  • The skin allows sensory perceptions.
  •  Skin is capable of synthesizing vitamin D.

Skin Anatomy

Well, human skin has several layers. It has divided into five blankets. The visible or outer one is thin but the toughest. Moreover, it has made of cells and tissues. The keratinocytes cells have used in the building of it. By the time, they migrate slowly up towards the surface and replaced the old cells with the new ones. However, the visible portion of the skin is called the epidermis. And the top of the epidermis, the layers are called stratum corneum.

The Skin and its pH Level

PH is one of the necessary factors for healthy skin. It can fight against infections and environmental pressures. Well, it is a layman who cannot think of skin in terms of pH levels. But, it is essential and the science students, doctors, and scientists can easily grab the actual concept.

Healthy skin is mildly acidic. Moreover, it has pH levels between the rage of 4.0 to 6.0. The skin environment has called the acid mantle. Therefore, it is necessary to support the ability of protection which is essential for the skin.

Peristomal Skin Complications

The peristomal skin can have several problems. They can appear due to an ostomates carelessness, diet, or imbalance of pH levels. Therefore, the severity can fluctuate from mild to seriousness. If an ostomate handles the stoma and the skin around it roughly, then it starts itching, redness, and rashes. Moreover, in the worst cases, it may start bleeding from the stoma and peristomal skin. Therefore, the first and foremost part for the

Sometimes, ostomates eat whatever they like and do not follow the diet plan. In such cases, their stoma pouch or bag starts leaking. The waste discharge touches on the peristomal skin and creates problems for the patient. For skincare, an ostomate has to maintain a balance between eating healthy meals and drinking enough water. If the skin around the opening gets dehydrated, it may start pealing of the cells and rashes.

Moreover, always use washed and clean appliances for your stoma. It helps you in maintaining the healthy and clean stomal hole and peristomal skin.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

What Should be your Diet after an Ostomy Surgery?

After ostomy surgery, the first and the foremost thing is making your stoma and peristomal healthy. Therefore, to make it healthy, you have to clean it and take an appropriate diet. Your eating plan can destroy your overall health and the artificial opening. However, before leaving the hospital you should ask for healthy foods and a proper diet plan from your doctor. You should strictly follow that plan. Many of the meals make your stool too thick or too loose; therefore, it is your doctor who will suggest you’re the appropriate food items after the surgery.

After having an

Everyday Care and Diet Routine

After a few weeks of the surgery, you have to make your stool thickness normal with the help of soft and easily digestible meals. You should not drink too much water or juices so that your

After Three Weeks of the Surgery

After a few weeks, a patient can start eating meals three to four times a day. He has to take small foods. However, do not eat heavy and gastric meals. You should not eat processed food, meat, pork, onion, garlic, beans, pulses, potatoes, cabbage, cauliflower, eggplant, and dry fruits.

After the Healing of Stoma and Internal Organ

Once you start getting better, you can eat more food. However, before adopting any change in your diet, consult your doctor. Maybe you are still not better to intake heavy meals. But, after the approval of your health care, you can start eating meat, fish, and processed meals. However, you should not drink alcohol or any type of liquid. It may loosen your food and create a problem for your stoma and discharge. Moreover, you should drink too little water, so that your body starts dehydrating. Dehydration is the worst condition for an ostomate. A patient feels too much pain in stoma when it is dry or the body is dehydrated.

Routine Life After the Ostomy

Once your stoma gets healed, you can get back to your previous life routine. In the initial days, you have to take complete bed rest and say goodbye to social gatherings and traveling; however, after the recovery, you can start your previous activities without any hesitation.

Before doing exercise, swimming, or any other activity, you should wear an ostomy belt for the safety of stoma and its appliances. Due to the protective belt, the stoma pouch will not leak or move. It will make you comfortable and you can perform any activity.

If you have a permanent stoma, then you have to live your entire life with the stoma appliances. In this case, you should learn all precautionary measures and digestible diet plan from your nurse. Moreover, do not think that permanent ostomy will not allow you to perform previous activities. It is a myth famous among the ostomates. You can eat whatever you like. Moreover, everything is for ostomates either exercise, partying, traveling, shopping, swimming, playing, sexual life, and professional life.